Best Camping in the West

Fisherman camping at a wilderness lakeBest places to camp in the west. While most people think of forest and perhaps rivers (and or lakes) when they think of camping, that is not necessarily the case in the west. For sure some of the best campgrounds are nestled under some pretty high sequoia trees, it would be unfair to say this is all there is to camping. Some of the best camping to be had in the west are national and state parks.
Some of these campgrounds are located at beaches as in California, Washington or Oregon. Some are in the deserts such as in Arizona, Utah or Nevada. All use camping gear. You can pitch a tent or park an RV and enjoy natures’ wonders. camping store baton rouge.
Unlike a hotel the price is right too. In the past visiting a camping site in one of the state or nationals parks were free. It takes a lot of money to keep up a place with so much wilderness. Now although it does cost to use the facilities they are modest (average price $20) and a heck of a lot cheaper than say Disneyland or Six Flags over whatever.
One can explore caves in Sedona, Arizona or rock climbing in Saddlehorn, Colorado. One can also dance through the meadows in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado or take dip in mother natures’ waterpark in late spring at the Great Sand Dunes National Park.
While no one would argue that there are some great camping to be had in Alaska, there is also some great camping in Hawaii as well. British Columbia has its share of fine camping places but this article will keep to the mainland United States to keep things more affordable with no passports.
One of the most famous places to actually camp was mentioned in a novel by Jack Keorak, On the Road. In it he tells of Big Sur out in California with one of the most dramatic drives anywhere. Huge cliffs hanging above a restless ocean and the driver high up on Hwy 101 looking down. Wow.
Of course if camping under the pines with deer prancing and muskrats singing, there’s that too. The west is enamored with plenty of forested camp sites as well. Many with plenty of springs, brooks, rivers and squirrels to please just about anyone.
One of the newest trends in camping is “Glamping”. Get this camping gear at baton rouge. Now that more and more young single women are finding the joys of camping they like to do it up one better. Where there is Glamour there is a women who wants to have a little bling with her tent and supplies. Try a little white wine or a peanut butter martini with those gourmet hot dogs…

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