Why Many People Travel To Catalina Island

catalina1The summer vacation season is slowly coming to an end this year, but some folks are still looking to take their summer vacation and are rearing to go. One of the areas that remains a favorite vacation destination is California. Many of these people are travelling to California to spend some time on Catalina Island. This is understandable because of the island’s beauty, and the wealth of recreational activities that are available to people visiting the island. A person considering taking a trip to this island is in for a wonderful treat.

Catalina island is located 22 miles off the coast of California near Los Angeles. The island is accessible by commercial ferry, airplane, and by personal boat. People coming to stay for any amount of time on Catalina island need accommodations. Most people do not realize that there are twenty plus Catalina Island Hotels, and they all have a certain style that cater to one’s taste. These hotels are all located near Avalon harbor/bay area. Avalon is the island’s only incorporated city, and is the hub of activity. This little gem of a city offers a traveler all they could want from an island stay. This small city has a large variety of dining experiences, and the many small shops offer a person a great chance to pick up some truly unique gifts.

Getting around the area is generally achieved by foot. People that want to explore other areas of the island outside of Avalon have choices. Two of the more popular choices involve renting a golf cart or bicycle. The only other choice is to hire an island taxi. The island is very strict about motor vehicles on the island. There is a waiting list of around fourteen years for residents to bring over a car.

While visiting the island people have a large range of activities available to them. Many people to go diving/snorkeling for the first time. There are many diving school available to the first diving enthusiast. In addition there are operators that are able to take out the experienced diver.

Some people prefer to remain above the water. People seeking out this sort of fun can rent sea kayaks, jets skis, and even boats. Exploring the rocky shore of Catalina Island is an extremely exciting prospect for may people.

People that are looking for a Mediterranean island experience off the California coast should consider a stay on Catalina Island. Between the Catalina Island Hotels, and the recreational activities, a person would have trouble not having a fun time.

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